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I have been deeply touched by the teachings of The Buddha, Christ, Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle, and my own teacher Sri Mooji. 


From my early twenties I spent 12 years as a practicing Buddhist and lived and worked in a Buddhist community, engaging sincerely in spiritual practices, meditation retreats, and in-depth study of Buddhist scripture. 


However, it wasn't until 2002 in my mid 30's when I became critically ill that the truth beyond my personal identity was recognised.


In the midst of deep pain and suffering I experienced a profound shift in consciousness from mind identity to Heart Presence and felt a very deep peace within.


This inner movement continued to deepen and mature over many years. During this time I was drawn to Tiruvannamalai, South India. This town is synonymous with the Self Inquiry teachings popularised by the Indian sage and mystic Ramana Maharshi. 




















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It was during one of these trips that I met my teacher Mooji, who showed me that even the state of Presence, which is the most sacred feeling in the body, is not the 'final stop' because it too arises within an unchanging background of awareness. 

Since 2010 I have been holding 'Meetings in Stillness' with individuals and small groups of people who have a desire to discover their own true nature and find inner peace.


The core invitation of the meetings is to embrace our humanness from the light of consciousness. Which in essence means to discover who we are beyond the conditioned persona, to then bring this embodied presence into our humanness.

I regard myself as a simple man following a deep inner calling. I live a normal life and enjoy playing golf, tennis and swimming most days.

I share poetry, videos, and writings in my Facebook group here I have also completed my first book; 'The Union of Love and Wisdom' which will be available soon.





"I often used to sit up all night asking what life wanted of me.

The answer was always the same; 'Teach Dharma, Teach Dharma'

How I wondered? I have nothing to teach, no methods, no scripture, no learning. The answer came...Simply be one with your own Being. Rest as the Self. That is the greatest teaching of all. In receiving this guidance, something within me deeply relaxed and I let go of trying to make anything happen. Since that time, all of the meetings, the talks, the meditations, and the writings have arisen naturally and spontaneously out of this surrendered space. In that, there is a power present that is greater than anything ‘I' can create. It is the power and presence of Being Consciousness. The meetings are an invitation to discover this power, and confirm it to be our own inmost Self" Paul Hurcomb