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What happens at a meeting?


The meetings are a guided space for presence, silence, self-inquiry, and truth. They often begin with a short talk followed by a guided meditation into our true nature. There is then time and space to explore any questions that you may have, to share your experience, or to simply be together in presence.

The main purpose of the meetings is to create a safe and supportive environment where we can explore ourselves deeply on the levels of heart, mind, and gut.


Although each meeting is different depending on who is there, topics that often arise are self-realisation, authenticity, self-inquiry, inner child work, relationships, humanness, presence, surrender, awakening and life after awakening.

Everybody is welcome, and no previous experience is necessary. The only requirement is a willingness to want to explore yourself more deeply. The meetings usually end with a period of silence.  See forthcoming meetings here.




































What happens at a retreat?


Retreats offer the possibility to spend a longer period of time together in a safe and supportive environment to focus exclusively on self-inquiry and inner contemplation. 


Retreats vary in length from a day to a week. The daily schedule includes satsangs (meetings in truth), silent sittings, guided meditations, group sharings, deep rest, movement practices, music, and walks in nature. In between the meetings we are in silence.


Retreats are a direct invitation into self-discovery. They are for those who want to establish themselves in their own true nature.

Before attending a retreat please attend some open meetings to ensure that you are ready for a silent retreat. 


For more information and FAQ about retreats see here



See the meetings and retreats page for forthcoming retreats.

'My only wish when holding meetings is to be empty enough, still enough, and present enough to be able to truly hear you. And in truly hearing you may we together discover the silent presence within which is the source of all refuge, knowledge, and wisdom. Then there is no teacher, no student, and no teaching. Nothing remains other than which is naturally arising in this moment, and the unchanging Presence which effortlessly witnesses it all'


Spiritual Awakening. Human Embodiment.