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Legal name: 


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Food Allergies: 


Important! We need to know who to call in case you get ill here. 


Contact Name for Emergencies: 


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I agree to take full responsibility for myself and my possessions during this retreat. I have read and agree to all terms, conditions and liabilities (see below) 




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Terms and conditions 


Cancellation and refund policy 

More than one month before start date - full refund minus 10% admin fee 

More than 2 weeks before start date - 50% refund 

Less than 2 weeks before start date- No refund 

Once retreat has begun- No refund    



I understand that I am registering for a self inquiry meditation retreat that may activate a physical, emotional, and/or psychological reaction. I understand that I accept to take full responsibility for assessing the risk any activity poses to me. I will choose a safe course of action for myself. 



Furthermore, I understand that Paul Hurcomb, all assistants and helpers, and the staff of the venue, are not responsible for any personal injury, diseases, damage or loss of personal property at the retreat premises. 



I agree to assume the liability for any injuries or damages I might experience arising out of my participation in this retreat. 









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