The next open online meetings dates are 20th and 27th November further details click here

The next closed focus group will take place in winter 2019/20

Paul holds both open online meetings and closed focus groups as a way for people to stay in touch wherever they are. The closed focus groups usually last for 4-6 weeks and the group meets regularly during that time. There is a weekly Satsang and guided meditation with Paul, and a possibility to be in a small sharing group. We use Zoom and technical help is available for those who need it. Online meetings provide spiritual support within a closed and intimate group. If you would like to join the next online meeting or if have any questions about online meetings please email 















'Satsang is not here to fix the person

but to replace the person with pure presence.

This shift from person to presence

takes place in front of that which can never ever change; 

the formless ever-present witnessing consciousness'.