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From the first time I played 'pitch and putt' as a child I fell in love with the game of golf. I spent my entire childhood playing and caddying at the local golf club. This love of the game and sport, in general, led me to train as a Physical Education teacher where I taught in secondary schools for over 15 years.


During this time I developed an interest in sports psychology, specifically the link between sports performance and the inner state of the performer. This led me to start the first residential golf college in the UK where elite golfers aged 16-19 developed their golfing ability whilst continuing with their academic studies. They also learned tai chi, meditation, and yoga. Many of these students are now professional golfers or have had successful amateur careers in Europe & the USA.


I have continued to play golf as a single figure handicap player for over 35 years. I now offer Conscious Golf workshops, retreats and individual sessions to help golfers of all levels achieve their potential both on and off the golf course largely through addressing and developing their inner game. I also facilitate meditation retreats throughout Europe see







With my dad playing golf at Willingdon

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