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Conscious Golf venues

Bonmont Golf Club



5 day retreats offer the posibility of the most transformational golf breaks possible.  During these retreats there are 2 conscious golf meetings each day plus time to play and practice. Each afternoon there is  an organised event. These retreats are fully residential and we spend 5 days together in the most conducive environment for transformation.





Do you feel like you are fulfilling your golfing potential? Do you experience feelings of frustration with your golf game? Do you feel like you are getting in your own way on the golf course? Have you ever thought there might be something else to golf besides the pursuit of lower scores? Would you be open to exploring yourself with the view to playing golf in a different way from a completely different place within you? A place that is free of doubt, fear and anger, and habitual patterns that may be stifling your creativity, spontaneity and passion for the game. Soon I am offering 2 one day Zen golf workshops to look at these things in detail and how to bring these things onto the golf course. In the meantime I am looking for some golfers who would be willing to participate in an interview/questionnaire which would take around 20 minutes. All ages, levels, abilities welcome. If you would like to do this please PM me and we can arrange a suitable time, thank-you.







Bonmont Golf Club is the winter training ground to The Sussex College of Golf and has excellent facilities for both practicing and playing. It is the venue for the 5 day conscious golf events in Spain.

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