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Conscious Golf aims to help you;

*Fully achieve your golfing potential 

*Learn to play from the still point within

*Master the critical and judgmental mind 

*See golf as a meditation in action

*Trust your own natural swing

*Master strong emotions 

*Develop unconditional confidence in yourself 

*Learn the life lessons that the game teaches

*Use Golf as a tool for self-discovery and inner peace







Conscious golf is learning to play golf from a place of inner stillness, and presence.


It is to play golf without the influence of the critical and judgmental mind. It is to play from your heart and not your head. It is to use what golf brings up to master yourself as a tool for self-discovery.


Something  that has become clear to me whilst working with golfers of all abilities is that whatever we believe about ourself off the course will always appear on the course.


This refers to habitual behaviours and ingrained ideas about ourself as well as deep seated fears and anxieties.


As long as these factors remain unconscious they will continue to affect our performance on the golf course.


In order to play our best golf, it is vital to learn how to play the game from the part of us which is free of self-doubt.


Learning to play golf from presence will give us the best possible opportunity of achieving our true potential both on and off the golf course.










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