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Ulrika Hammarqvist


I help with most things like updating this webpage, answering emails, assisting Paul on retreats etc. It is a pure joy to help because I fell in love with not only him but also the way he shared satsang. As a teacher he is very clear, simple and natural. He is also warm, loving and gentle with the people who come up and sit with him. The personal identity effortlessly melts in his strong presence and his meetings  always touch me deeply. Any questions regarding Meetings in Stillness you are very welcome to contact me:

I'm myself a therapist since 17 years now and Im happy to give private sessions for those who wish to do some deep, longterm, inner work. Find out more  about my work:

Jardar Nygård


Finding Paul's meetings has been such a great blessing for me, and he has been crucial in the unfolding of my spiritual journey. I am eternally grateful for his work. Im helping with organising and techincal support for the online meetings. If you have questions regarding these things, you can contact me at

Evelyne Siddhana Vuilleumier

After having spent many years in Satsang before, the first meeting with Paul felt very fresh, simple, true. Our cooperation developed in the same way, easy, natural, true. I am very happy to share Yoga and Dance during Paul’s retreats, since it is a blessing to share body movements to a crowd which is already rooted in THAT or which is willing to give everything to dive deeper into their true Being. The way I share Yoga and movement, it all points into the same direction, to discover who we truly are and to remove that which stands in the way. I am very grateful to be part of Paul's team - it is just wonderful to see the simplicity and natural way of how he shares Truth.

Sujan Irwin


I love to be involved with Paul and to help in any way that I can with the organisation of retreats in the UK and with online meetings. In these meetings, Paul has helped me to recognise and honour both the Beingness and the human aspects of myself and to enquire beyond both to our true essence.

Trond Erland Stigvardsen

 I met Paul at a festival in Sweden and do remember very well our first meeting. A deep recognition when somebody sees who you are. A moment of clarity and deep peace. We ended up in Sat Sang and I loved it. It did not take long before Paul and I were on a walk discussing his coming day with Sat Sang in Oslo. After this, there have been many wonderful meetings in stillness and sound. It is always a great pleasure to meet Paul and Ulrika and all the wonderful people coming to these meetings. I am more than happy to be part of this team of awakening hearts. To show up with sound and music is my great joy and passion. I do meditative music, mantra and sound healing in Radical Devotion.

Mariananda Karlberg

My first meeting with Paul was in a festival some years ago. We were a group of people sitting around a table in the garden eating our lunch. People were talking with excitement about things and suddenly one girl stopped and said: Oh sorry Paul here we are talking in Swedish and you maybe feel left out. Paul had a silent smile on his lips, and said: No, not all, I actually feel very much inside. His words and presence made me curious and I decided to attend his satsang later in the evening. There we were humble guided to find that placeless place, called Truth. There was a deep knowing in me that this place was the only thing that I could ever trust completely, that would never abandon me. For me meetings in stillness means to stay true to that place. To sing has always been a way for me to rest in the heart and it’s a blessing to share it in these meetings. I also lead kundaliniyoga.

Salvadora Moreno


It is a privilege for me to help in the organization of meetings in Spain. I met Paul in Órgiva, in a satsang in our small community and from the first moment I felt that he was so natural, simple and humble that touched my heart with his wide smile and kind Presence. 

I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to rest deeply in myself beyond the mind. I'm part of the team because I would love for more people to be able to enjoy the meeting in stillness with Paul.

Ewa Ahlsén

My first meeting with Paul was at beautiful Gudö in Sweden, August 2016. For me it was an unusual meeting. The tune was different, more friendly, more loving, more silent. There was no arrogance and no superior teaching as I have seen so much. But a very clear, present and loving being, Paul. Sharing his understanding and knowledge so profound. Im blessed every time I have the possibility to join in. To be a part and help out in some way feels very natural. I know a bit a about photography and film editing. I love creative work and if I can I help out. I also love to teach yoga.


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