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Isn't this peace enough?

Why so many questions? 
Why so much drama? 
All this talk of enlightenment....
When did sitting here quietly together become so complicated?

Isn't this peace enough?














When you are empty
You are happy

When you are empty
You are at peace

When you are empty
'you' are not here

When you are empty
'You' are truly here



I can't find myself 
And in this non-finding
I find the greatest happiness
The greatest peace
The greatest stillness
I find all the things
That I was so long seeking
They appear effortlessly
In my absence










To the sensitive beings
To those who struggle with trauma
To those without answers
To those who feel misunderstood
To those who haven't given up
The Lord's words come
Find strength in me
Find strength in the spirit
Find strength in Heart Presence 
Find strength in God

Whilst the world 
is fascinated 
with all that is moving.
The sage knows herself 
to be the unmoving.

In this knowing 
she is silent, 
she is still
she is steady.

She is effortlessly immersed 
in that which immerses all.











"you cant get away from who you are"
This is true in so many ways.....

When you know who you are ultimately, you know you cant get away from it.
When you know who you are ultimately, you see the perfection in the relative.
You know that all is well.
If any improvements are to be made,
they will happen within that space which is beyond improvement.
They will happen with your blessing.
For everything is ultimately blessed by that.
You are that which kisses every moment.


I am not the love guru

The hugging guru

The healing guru

The holy guru

I am the ordinary guru

And in that,

I am not a guru at all

I am just a reminder

that truth is to be found

in the ordinary,

the natural, the simple, the ever-present

In watching a game

In drinking a tea

In walking in the woods

In holding a child’s hand

In laughing with a friend

In driving the car

In meeting your beloved

In sitting quietly

In letting go of specialness

Truth is everywhere and in everything

When you find it in the ordinary

You will find it everywhere.



If you have experienced strong emotional pain and trauma, and you have tried everything to heal it, the only thing left to do now is to surrender to your own presence. It is to stop trying to change anything for a moment and come to rest as the naked 'I am'. It is to give all of your troubles to God and be one with the source itself. It is to see that your pain has forced you into the deepest surrender, the deepest longing, and the deepest 'yes' to your own indwelling spirit.











You must be willing to die for this;

You must die to specialness 
And be reborn into naturalness

You must die to grasping 
And be reborn into resting

You must die to past and future 
And be reborn into now

You must die to personal identity 
And be reborn as Presence

You must die to all you've learnt
And be reborn as that which cannot be learnt

You must die to time
And be reborn as the timeless

You must die to the Mr
And be reborn as the Master


The cosmic mask is being removed by God

for some its taken little by little

for others its ripped without warning
It is not your job to question the timing

or the method of removal

the wisest move then is to say yes to that grace which removes all thats not yours
Say yes to that power which is moving within you

which yearns to be born through you

as undivided Presence.


For more poetry and texts please see facebook group meeting in stillness

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