The greatest healing lies in the ongoing recognition of The Natural State. The recognition of that within us which does not need healing.


Whenever you meditate, rather than trying to create stillness and trying to hold onto it,

simply recognise the stillness that is naturally here, this requires no effort.


 In facing oneself every aspect of the human condition will arise,.... the good, the bad and the ugly.

Don't get fixated or stuck on any of them. Remain as that which is looking....


When there is no identification with mind, who are you?


When the love of Truth surpasses all other interests you are replaced by love. This love is the Truth.


There is nothing simpler than the ground of Being. There is nothing more complicated than the egoic mind. Side with the Being.


There is nothing more sacred than silence. It is the purest manifestation of the divine. It is synonymous with the ground of Being.


 A barking dog, a lawn mower, the noise of a passing car. All are the expression of the universe singing its unique song. These noises arise out of and return into an unbroken silence. Recognition of this silence is the recognition of the absolute. It is not different from your Self.


 If you are still searching for 'the one', know this one to be inside your own Heart.


 Sometimes you are simply asked to trust. This is the purest devotion to truth.


 There is no need to wait for a time when conditioning no longer arises before you can experience freedom.

That which watches conditioning is free now. You are free now.


If you silently and patiently watch your own experience you will see that all mental and emotional conditioning arises and falls in the presence of that which is unchanging. In the light of this seeing you make the greatest discovery, that you are not the assumed identity.


If authentic truth is what you are seeking, then every belief and concept you have about yourself

will have to be faced until only that which cannot leave is left.


 Whenever you are meditating do not look for any particular state or outcome. The inner activity will then settle down without your interest.

You can then start to recognise the underlying state in which all thoughts and feelings arise and pass in.

This stateless state is whole, perfect and complete as it is.


Trying to maintain a peaceful state is one thing, recognising that which is already peaceful is another.


 Keep questioning the assumed Identity until it dissolves into that which was here before it


 Recognise that which witnesses mind.


 It's a case of mistaken identity; you are not who you think you are.

Why take your thoughts so seriously? They have all been thought by other minds billions of times before,

they are not personal, they are not yours.....


If you want peace of mind,  you must first find the peace of no-mind.


 Whoever you think you are is one step away from who you truly are.


 Let the love of truth be the sacred fire that burns the separate 'me'


The only thing that stands in the way of the recognition of The Natural State is our intense loyalty to the assumed identity.

Now you are being asked to shift allegiance from mind to Being. Be loyal to your own Being.

The biggest modern day addiction is not to sex, drugs or alcohol but to mind identification, and the unconscious habit to constantly be thinking......can you stop thinking just for a moment and recognise the inherent peace that is here before thought?


 The first recognition of truth is pure grace, until that time all talk of the Self, going beyond the mind and the ego will sound like nonsense. After this first 'kiss' from grace however something within is touched so deeply that even if the whole world thinks your mad, you won't mind. You've only got eyes for God now. You've only got eyes for that divine essence within.


Our true self is ever present within every passing experience and 'non-experience'. I is never ever not here. It is present when we sleep, when we dream, when we wake. It is not on a mission to achieve as it is already full beyond the concept of achievement. It does not need to be healed, it is whole beyond the concept of wholeness. The true Self is the same in all. It is here now. You are here now.





Whatever appears to be standing between You and inner peace is not real, it is only dreamed......


 As beautiful as Presence is, it is not the 'final stop', know and confirm that Presence reports to you. Presence may come and go but you never do.


 Life will give you just the right amount of suffering to wake you up.......and it will give you just the right amount of suffering to drive you mad! The 'choice' for humanity seems to be a clear one, wake up or go mad.


At some stage the spiritual honeymoon comes to an end. The angels, crystals and cosmic manifestations are put aside, and the willingness to be as you are naturally arises. This is the simplest, most sincere act of devotion. It is the willingness to be completely naked with God.


Don't wait for a time when your mind gives you a break

The real power is always with You and not with your mind
So give yourself a break from your mind
Right Now......

Learn to recognise the gaps in between conversations, thoughts and activities. These gaps are the unmanifest in its purest form. They are God-essence. They are synonymous with your natural state.


In its purest form, The Natural State is free of content, but as this realisation matures it is clear that content can be there, and nothing changes.....


 Have an honest and sincere look at 'your life' and see that no matter what you may have wanted or how you would have liked things to have worked out, life situations, people and circumstances have always gone their own way. With this understanding a beautiful contemplation arises in the Heart....Who is really living life?


 There is a magnificent intelligence at work in this universe, in your life, in You. Finding, and cooperating with this intelligence is the real meaning of life. It is finding the truth that will set you free.

When one is at peace there is a quiet love for humanity. This love doesn't seek to change anyone or anything, neither does it try to convince others of anything. This peace transcends all apparent boundaries of race, gender, religion and time. It is fully complete in and of itself.

With a peace like that words become secondary....


 It often boils down to one thing, and this thing is worth becoming clear about..... do you want a better life or freedom? If you want freedom then everything is seen to be assisting that movement, and there comes a natural trust in it all. That trust isn't looking for 'good' things to happen. It's an all encompassing, all allowing trust. 


 Even in the most difficult and challenging situations help is always there. The less we are dependent upon our mind, the clearer and more obvious this becomes. With this discovery comes a deep trust in life, and the knowledge that nothing needs to be avoided. 


Try something for yourself, see what happens to any strong emotion or feeling when you fully face it without a story. Be curious to see what lies beyond it. Everything that arises is a gateway to pure Presence if met unconditionally. Keep willingly meeting whatever is arising in fearless truth and neutrality. Discover for yourself what lies beyond the surface play. 


 Keep answering whatever calling life is making of you, keep saying Yes. Keep moving in harmony and alignment with the divine. That movement may be in stillness or it may be active, there is no need to question it, inwardly simply trust its pull and wisdom.


 The Open Invitation for anybody willing to accept it is to completely stop and be still. To stop searching out there for the next experience and fully embrace what is always already here, The Natural State of Being.

Spirituality cannot be used as an escape from our human side. The irony is that when we fully embrace and accept our humanness, that which is prior to it is effortlessly revealed as perfect and timeless Being.


 Acceptance is one thing, but the recognition and discovery of that unchanging principal that choicelessly and effortlessly accepts everything is another.


Within choice less ever present awareness there is a choice that can be made. That choice is to be head or heart, mind or being, person or presence, awareness will not be affected by this choice, but everything else will.

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