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Individual meetings


Paul is available to meet individuals or small groups

online,in person, or on a nature walk. These sessions are for anybody would like to work with Paul privately.



"The most powerful tool in facing and overcoming emotional pain is discovering our own Presence. To know, and more importantly experience first hand that Presence can be with anything, face anything, and remain unaffected is the most important realisation we can make. It is this realisation that sets us free".   

Paul has spent over 35 years in the field of self development, healing and spirituality. His inner journey has taken him through Buddhism, advaita vedanta, trauma work, psychology, The Enneagram, mens work, 12 step programs, yoga, 5 rhythms, meditation, self inquiry, mysticism and breathwork. He uses aspects of these different modalities in his work with groups and individuals. Paul is a teacher, mentor, and coach on the path of awakened living. In essence all of Paul's work revolves around awakening and what it means to live consciously in the world. 

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