Individual meetings

Paul is available to meet individuals or small groups online, in person, or on a short nature walk. These private meetings are offered by conscious donation. 


Private sessions may be helpful for anybody who cannot make a group meeting or if you prefer to discuss something with Paul in private. 


Paul offers 50-minute private meetings.


By attending a meeting  with Paul you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which are fully explained here

If you would like to arrange a private meeting please complete a short booking form here.

"The most powerful tool in facing and overcoming emotional pain is discovering our own Presence. To know, and more importantly experience first hand that Presence can be with anything, can face anything, and remain unaffected is the most important realisation one can make. It is this realisation that sets us free".   

If you are in need of long term therapy, trauma or inner child work Pauls assistant Ulrika is a fully qualified therapist and is more suitable for that.

Ulrika has worked for more than 17 years as a therapist and has also shared satsang in Stockholm for several years before she started supporting Paul's meetings


She has an incredible talent of meeting people in a non-judmental loving and open space. 

What makes her style of therapy unique is that she is able to both allow the personal conditioning whilst guiding and seeing beyond it into the true Self.


She combines her deep knowledge of the human condition with an unwavering love and loyalty of awakening, truth and self realisation.

Ulrika offers 1 hour meetings.

Read more about her work here.