Terms and conditions


Disclaimer for retreats, meetings, and individual and small group sessions

Paul makes no claims to be trained in any psychotherapeutic interventions and his meeting with you is not intended or implied to substitute any medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis. In your session, he may share general advice, information, and insights based on his own exploration of spirituality. But by joining for a session, meeting or retreat you agree to the terms that any reaction to these communications is entirely and is only a product of your own interpretation, and therefore your own responsibility. Paul cannot give medical advice, so do not discontinue or disregard any professional medical treatment. You must not use your session as an alternative form of treatment or therapy. IF YOU ARE CONSIDERING OR CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE OR FEEL THAT YOU MAY BE A DANGER TO YOURSELF OR OTHERS, PLEASE NOTIFY THE POLICE OR CONTACT YOUR LOCAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES IMMEDIATELY. Paul is not a medical doctor nor a licensed psychotherapist. Paul does not diagnose, cure, heal, or treat disease or psychological conditions or otherwise prescribe any kind of medication whatsoever. 


Cancellation and refund policy for retreats

More than one month before start date - full refund minus any fees

More than 2 weeks before the start date - 50% refund

Less than 2 weeks before the start date- No refund (full payment)

Once retreat has begun- No refund  (full payment)

If for any reason we need to cancel a meeting or retreat we will return any payment made by you for the retreat but we cannot offer any compensation for travel or any other expenses that you may have incurred. 



I understand that I am registering for a self-inquiry meditation retreat, group meeting, or an individual session that may activate a physical, emotional, and/or psychological reaction. I understand that I accept to take full responsibility for assessing the risk any activity poses to me. I will choose a safe course of action for myself. Furthermore, I understand that Paul Hurcomb, all assistants and helpers, and the staff of any venue they use, are not responsible for any personal injury, diseases, damage, or loss of personal property at the retreat premises. I agree to assume the liability for any injuries or damages I might experience arising out of my participation in this retreat, including any walks, journeys, or other activities that I choose to engage in. 

Any travel and accommodation that are booked by you are done so at your own liability and we can take no responsibility for this.

By joining for any sessions, meetings, or retreats, group or individual, online or in person, or booking a retreat you are agreeing to these terms.