Testimonials from people attending meetings. 

Having sufferred from chronic pain for nearly 4 years and after trying many alternative and mainstream therapies I had no where left to turn, so with Pauls guidance and open heart he has helped me to discover a place in me that is untouched by the physical and emotional pain I experience.  A place I can reside in when the going gets tough, a place of peace and stillness. Paul has a deep empathy and is sincere in his teaching.




Your commitment to the truth of your Being has been a real inspiration for me - I respect you deeply for it and am beginning to discover the same respect in myself.  




I just wanted to say thank you for the meetings. I have been seeking wisdom in books since my twenties but only your example, teaching and serene presence have started to bring about deep changes for me and I know they will continue. I am truly grateful and so glad that you came into my life.





I am recognising The Natural State and really enjoying what Paul is saying about it. I appreciate when he speaks and I like the balance of quiet together with his reflections. I've actually had a big shift recently and that's something to do with coming to the meetings. Thanks again, im very grateful that you are there doing what you are doing!



You simply being enables others to simply be. The space of stillness you facilitate is an oasis of truth. In gratitude.






Pauls love and presence is so powerful. I have been going to his meetings and they are transforming my life.



I have witnessed, and have experienced for myself, the clarity and stillness that Paul embodies. Spending time with him is a pure blessing. There is a simplicity and a passion in his message that resonates visibly with many people. Don't miss an opportunity to chat with him.



Deep gratitude in connecting with you. Witnessing devotion to Divine in your presence is a gift. All illusions arise to dissipate in the presence of God and this is a relief- always there was a sword of truth cutting through illusion and reflecting back light but i have felt at times weary. This short cut you speak of is beautiful, earnest and clear.





What touches me the most about Pauls meetings is the sincerity and simplicity of what he speaks about. There is nothing extra, there is only the truth spoken from the heart. Thankyou.






With Grace and Love I thank you for the guidance and teachings, the meetings are beautiful. What you speak of always resonates within my beingness and further awakens the self. Thank you so much. 



I have been attending the meetings regularly for the past few months and have noticed that I am able to deal with my everyday life in a much calmer more focussed way. Things that used to bother me are not doing so much anymore. Paul has helped me see that the minds version is not always the truth.





I am truly grateful for meeting you and coming across the meetings. I have been finding your teaching and example so helpful and the sessions extremely calming thankyou.




Dear Paul, Thank you so much for your sweetness, for sharing your heart and helping me to rest in presence; to discover "I am that" Much love & deep gratitude




‘The meditations, your teaching and the cumulative build up over the 5 days has yet again had a profound effect…

And it’s not just the personal experience, but seeing how you work with each individual person - and with all of us as a group - that is so powerful.

Your gentle, kind mix of knowledge, humour and love is really a devastating combination - breaks down all resistance and allows one to see and feel where it wasn’t possible before.’



‘Thank you so much Paul Hurcomb love you! Five years with you and your wiseness have changed my life to the much better. Everyday-life flows after Orgíva, don't identify with anything else but me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’



‘Your ordinariness is exactly what attracted me to u. I was looking at you in leela last summer and all my ideas about gurus, masters..were dropping off. And me thinking...He is just a normal guy with the biggest heart I have ever seen. Thanks Paul..u hav been the first one I could listen to because of your ordinariness xx.’




‘Really, really satisfying. Paul is Love, patience, wisdom...everybody who went up got such a beautiful




 I just want to thank you out of the bottom of my heart for the satsangs we could receive, sitting there is just coming home! I look at the people in the room and you and I feel the energy...something is so recognized...no masks...people can just relax and feel safe to lay any role down and explore the field of our inmost being. You are a true teacher beyond teacher. You show us the power within ourselves to come home in ourselves, gently as you are! I'm so touched by your presence, you are a Godgift and I am very grateful for you!


The simple recognition of what is always there and of what I am brings a deep peace. Not really an awakening as much as a slipping into what I seemed to already know. Loved also how Paul held and responded to everybody so sensitively- loved the power, clarity and humour with which Paul teaches. So touches and resonates with my being.



It was a humbling experience to be in a context where I can be very vulnerable and go into stillness. where I can put the spotlight on aspects of my being that i haven't been able to look at before. I enjoyed listening to the other sharings, it was very insightful, emotional and I gained a better understanding for other peoples challenges and struggles and made it easier for me to emphatize with other people.