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Hastings  Meetings in Stillness



44 Wellington Square is situated between the Old Town and downtown, just 5 minutes' walk from Hastings Station and 2 minutes' walk from Priory Meadow and most bus routes.The Centre is easily accessible not just for Hastings residents, but also for those from out-of-town who are seeking the very best in a wide range of treatments in a safe, welcoming environment.






Meetings in Stillness  are meetings in Truth, they are held by Paul Hurcomb for the sole purpose of discovering The Natural State of Being. There is nothing for the mind to learn to recognise this state, all that is required is a sincere willingness to want to discover that within us which is eternal, unchanging and free. The meetings offer guidance and support towards making this discovery. 

The meetings are an open space for Presence, silence, inquiry and truth.

There is usually a short talk or a guided inquiry into your true nature, and time and space to ask any questions that you may have, to share your experience, or to simply just be. The main focus is on inner exploration and the discovery of that which is always here.



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to attend this meeting you are asked to please arrive at least 10 minutes before the meetings start to settle.

there is a sugested donation of £7-£10 for this meeting, thank you.

The Wellington Centre

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