Interview with Paul May 2019


10 years of meetings in stillness

Music by Susanne Lind

Oslo Weekend

Guided meditation and pictures from a weekend retreat in Oslo Norway

Enjoy your own Being

From Silence of the Heart retreat Sweden Easter 2017

A short video about overcoming restlessness and boredom and coming to rest within ones own Being.

Sit in the Silence

Taklk from Tunbridge Wells retreat May 2017

Finding the Stillness beyond the mind

Talk from Easter retreat March 2017

Disidentify from the 'I' thought

A talk from the online course May 2017

Turning pain into peace

Short video from Easter retreat April 2017

Meditative Inquiry

A short meditation on the nature of the Self.


Interview with Paul

Short interview with Paul with thanks to Sujan Irwin for conducting the interview.

What about other people?

Short video on how to relate with others

Satsang Orgiva February 2017 with Spanish translation (use headphones)

The ego's fear of Satsang

Open Satsang in Orgiva Spain Introduction, guided meditation, Open questions, closing silence.

What is Satsang?

Sweden Summer 2015

First part of a 6 part interview with Paul. To see the other 5 parts of the interview see here

The Power of Inquiry

Orgiva Spain November 2015

Paul explains how Self Inquiry can uproot some deep seated patterns and emotions that keep people stuck in personal identity.

Angso retreat Sweden

Slideshow and music

Pictures from 5 day satsang retreat in a nature reserve near Stockholm Sweden July 2015

check mate

Sponaneous satsang Orgiva


Spain January 2015

Devotional prayer, surrender


Is there awareness without attention?

Spontaneous satsang Orgiva Spain January 2015

What is love?

Spain December 2014


Why Cant I find the Self?

Spain December 2014


Falling in love

Spain December 2014

Do we have choice?

Spain December 2014


The Presence 'I Am'

From silent retreat Orgiva October 2014 with Spanish translation

Yourname is on the ticket!

Satsang from Orgiva Spain September 2014 with Spanish translation

Go to the esence of you

english without subtitles

This is a spontaneous conversation recorded during the retreat in Gualchos, south Spain.

Universal me

english without subtitles

In this short video Paul shows the recognizable diference between the personal "me" wich is the cause of all trouble, and the universal "me", your true self.

Landing in Presence

english without subtitles

the simplicity and purity of self-enquire, how to make this beautiful realization.

Who am I?

english without subtitles

Paul lead in this video in to the nature of the presence of awareness, clarifing yor true position as "that".


english without subtitles

It is not easy to understand the true meaning of surrender. In this video Paul shows the two ways in which we can surrender.

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