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Conscious Golf

Conscious Golf is about self-discovery through the game of golf. 

Do you want to play golf from a place of authenticity, trust, and presence?


Are you open to the deeper lessons the game can teach us?

One of the 5 key insights I use when working with golfers is whatever we believe about ourselves off the course will always manifest itself on the course.  

This refers to conditioned habits and beliefs about ourselves.


That is why to develop and improve our game it is important to explore ourselves more deeply

and align ourselves in a way that is focused on growth and development into becoming our fully conscious selves.


Paul has worked with many golfers including professionals. In 2005 he set up the first residential holistic golf college in the UK where students learned and studied golf as well as meditation, tai chi, and yoga.


Previous to that Paul spent 15 years as a Physical Education Teacher and Coach and taught many sports to a high level.

He has played golf for 30 years as a single-figure player. 


Paul offers individual 1-1 sessions in Conscious Golf and also 4-day group conscious golf retreats

to develop and explore what it is to become a fully conscious golfer and human being.

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