Golf in The Natural State

Golf in The Natural State is about self discovery through the game of Golf. 


One of the key insights I use when working with golfers is whatever you believe about yourself off the course will also appear on the course.  This refers to conditioned habits and ingrained ideas about yourself. That is why to truly develop and improve your game it maybe helpful to look at these beliefs and habits, and specifically your self image. 


Are you open to playing golf from a place of inner stillness, natural trust, and presence without the influence of the critical and judgmental mind? Are you willing to play golf from the heart and not the head?



Paul has worked with many golfers including professionals and in 2005 set up the first residential holistic golf college in the UK where young golfers learnt and studied about golf as well as meditation, tai chi and yoga.


Previous to that Paul spent 15 years as a Physical Education Teacher and Coach and taught many sports to a high level. He has played golf for 30 years as a single figure player. 


Paul offers individual 1-1 sessions on Zen Golf and also group Zen golf holidays to develop and explore Golf in The Natural State in a supportive environment.


There will be 2 Zen golf retreats in 2014, one in Scotland and one in Spain. I will be working alongside Zen golf coach Sean Herron to provide a 5 day course of transformational golf. The trips will include how to play golf as presence, stillness in action, no-mind golf, self inquiry, daily group meetings, simple technique work and daily Zen golf events every afternoon. This project brings together my two greatest loves so im really delighted to be sharing 'Golf in The Natural State'


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